Principal Partner for International Exhibition's first time to New Zealand

Partners Life is excited to be the principal sponsor to this educational 'first' for New Zealand



Principal Partner for International Exhibition's first time to New Zealand

The travelling global exhibition BODY WORLDS Vital is a sight to behold, and in April this year, when the exhibition opens in Auckland, Kiwis will be given an eye-opening look at human anatomy, to see up close how our lifestyles truly affect our bodies. One hundred and fifty donated human specimens have gone through a meticulous 12-month process of ‘plastination’, and the resultant specimens demonstrate how life decisions impact anatomical health.

Partners Life has chosen to sponsor the acclaimed exhibition because of how it showcases the human body, company founder and MD Naomi Ballantyne says. “As a risk insurance company we cover people for every kind of health event that interrupts their lifestyle – whether accident, injury or illness, whether the interruption is temporary or permanent, in that they do not resume life as they lived it before.

“We were quite stunned to learn how much this exhibition affects and influences those who experience it. The display explores how everything a person does – how they eat, how they do or don’t exercise, whether they smoke or drink – affects their body. Two-thirds of visitors to the exhibition overseas have walked away and made positive changes to their health and wellbeing, and our hope is that we will see similar statistics in New Zealand.”

Ms Ballantyne says as a leading provider of lifestyle interruption insurances, Partners Life steps up when something has gone wrong with a body, to put it simply. “When they claim on a policy, people are always extremely grateful for the emergency funds our products provide. People who don’t have insurance, or don’t have enough or don’t have the right type, would be left in a desperate situation, as they have nothing to claim against.

“In cases of illness that stop you working for a time, or a trauma or disability that puts you out of work permanently, ACC will often not be applicable, and even if it is, it is unlikely to meet an individual’s full costs of living, let alone their family’s.

“We sponsored this exhibition as a way of putting health and wellbeing front-of-mind for people, and to remind everyone that life interruption is something that can be planned for. You may not be able to prevent the interruption, but you can plan to ride it out financially so money can be taken off the worry list.”​

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